Get the Layered Look at Laundry B!

Get the Layered Look at Laundry B!

This blog post is ALL about go to styling tips on layering up with simple, timeless pieces to create a classic look that you can bring out each year!

Here at Laudnry b we LOVE a layered look, it's one of our favourtie ways to style our items!

Step One - The BASE Layer .... 

Its ALL about our insane DECK by Decolage Layering Shirts for the base of this look, this piece is totally worth a splurge on and will become the staple piece for your wardrobe, £45 and available in Winter White & Black!

The DECK Layering Shirts are lycra based in the body and fit like a second skin, creating a smooth base a head of layering, this is one of our favourite features to this piece as there is nothing, I repeat nothing worse than layering a cotton shirt under knitwear and it adding extra un wanted bulk, you 100% WILL NOT get this with our DECK Shirts! Aswel as having a smooth lycra body these insane shirts have Cotton Collars and Cuffs and with therefore create the traditional look of a Cotton Shirt! 

black deck layering shirtwinter white deck layering shirt

Deck Layering Shirt Black - £45 .... Deck Layering Shirt White £45

Step Two - Top Layer

Its now time to add the top layer to this classic Laundry b look, and we have SO many dfferent variations that we have you covered for any occassion!

One of our favourite looks is to add Knitwear from our brand Made in Italy!

ALL items from our brand Made in Italy are made in the mills of Florance, the range has a reputation for being of excellent quality and being made with from the very best Italian linen, cotton, wool & silks. Here at Laundry B we totally love Made In Italy. 

Style the look with Wax Pants, Joggers, Jeans or Leather Look Pants ... Boots & Finnish with a Necklace and you'll be good to go!

magenta scoopy

The Scoopy Knit Magenta £35 (also available in Latte, Khaki, Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Lime & Navy)

the fringe knit grey

The Double Finge Knit Grey £39 (also available in Sulphur, Magenta, Black, Navy & Fire)

the short ribby denim

The Short Ribby Knit Denim £39 (also avilable in Khkai, Navy, Fire, Minky Charcoal, Black, Fire & Lime)

love lace tunic black

The Love Lace Tunic Black £29 (also avialble in Soft Neon Yellow & Blush)

the tassel knit sulphur

The Tassel Knit Sulphur £39 (also available in Grey, Magenta & Black)

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