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Sandwich Clothing

From the moment it was set up in 1981, Sandwich has been working to provide gorgeous collections every year, working with world-renowned designers to create infinitely versatile looks, and complete collections that can be combined and recombined endlessly, for a wardrobe that can take you anywhere.

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Dedicated to the idea of being “better together”, Sandwich collections are built around the idea of endless recombination. Everyday wear that stays out of the ordinary, the collections can be put together in any combination, throughout the seasons, to match any weather, and suit any tone.

Sandwich Collections are based around high-quality cotton, responsibly sourced, luxury wool blends, airy, lights traditional linen, and even high-tech, environmentally-friendly fabrics like Modal and Lyocell, made from plant cellulose, which gives them a stunning finish and incredible durability in any weather.

So, not only do Sandwich clothes look great – they feel great, and they won’t just fall apart. Carefully balanced across the spectrum of colours and patterns, with a carefully selected range of silhouettes, cuts and figures and a selection of fabrics, each collection from Sandwich is a work of art; put together in a way that makes sure every piece is a complement to the others, that the collection can be endlessly rearranged, mixed and matched, and made to suit any time of day!

Easily layered and combined with other collections, the Sandwich range is even able to keep up with the seasons, changing from stylish, breezy summer wear to cosy winter layers is the weather changes!

Based out of Amsterdam, a beating cultural heart of the European mainland, Sandwich can be found all over the world, with a presence in 2,200 stores all across the planet – wherever you find trend-conscious fashionistas with a taste for comfort and style, a passion for the environment and an incredible collection of fashion-as-art, you’ll find Sandwich Clothing.