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A Postcard from Brighton is one of the UK’s hottest emerging fashion brands -  a complete collection of knitwear, jerseys, coats and dresses that can be made to suit any occasion.

Designed to seamlessly fit in anywhere, the A Postcard from Brighton range is perfect for a casual day out, some comfortable loafing, a film, a night on the town, even a classy dinner or a hot date! Everything released by A Postcard from Brighton looks great, and feels even better, with comfort and style paired up like never before.

With 6 completely new collections from A Postcard from Brighton every year, or one every two months, the range is always up to speed and perfect for the trend-conscious fashionista.

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A Postcard from Brighton was originally created in reverence to the wild, one of a kind culture of Brighton, the hectic, all inclusive cultural capitol of the UK. Based on responsible sourcing and sensible, ethical production, A Postcard from Brighton throws away the sweatshop culture of other fashion brands and opts for comfortable, stylish clothing that is manufactured completely in the UK.

With its seamless ability to fit any style and any outfit, A Postcard from Brighton can have you looking incredible, whatever the event. From coffee dates to hot dates, and nights out to nights in, the gorgeous fabrics and stunning designs on offer from A Postcard from Brighton will have you looking great and feeling even greater.

What’s more, A Postcard from Brighton works with a conscience, too. Pledging a responsibility to the UK textiles industry and fashion industry, APfB hopes to breathe new life into both industries, supporting them by working exclusively with them and refusing to outsource to overseas factories. A Postcard from Brighton even makes all of its clothing using locally-made and locally-sourced fabrics, textiles and materials all brought together from only a few miles away and put together with the smallest impact possible on the environment.

An environmental conscience, a commitment to local British producers, textiles workers and designers, local sourcing and 6 new ranges a year inspired by one of the most vibrant, colourful and exciting cities in the UK – what’s not to love?

With a new collection released every two months or so, keeping them on the cutting edge of fashion, A Postcard from Brighton covers every occasion, any event, any time, and keeps you looking and feeling amazing!