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' There is a town in the south of france, where summer starts at the beginning of spring and ends at the end of autumn. There, you can see women wearing strange dresses, its stricktly pyjamapslis'

Robert de Beauplan, 1931

Co - Co Chanels arrivals in Juan - les - pains in 1918 marked a turning point in womens fashion. 

Eyebrows were raised when the fashion icon was spotted on the beach in a loose shirt and trousers - she was quickly accured of wearing mens pyjamas! 

Before long visitors were now flocking to Juan - les - pins just to wear this 'new style'


Juan - les - pins or 'pyjama land' remains a magnet for artists, musicians wnd writers.


Our aplty maded Juan - les - pins collection perfectly echo's the cool, bohemian, spirit of this beautiful town. 

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