Balloon Trousers

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Float away to a world of fashion with Laundry b’s balloon trousers. The high waist, cropped length, and billowing effect of our trousers will make a delightful addition to any woman’s wardrobe. They’re the fashion-forward twist everyone’s talking about, so why wait to own a pair? Our balloon trousers are for women looking to break free from traditional trousers: finally, you can retire your old denim for something more cosy.

Typically made from thicker and more structured fabrics than standard jeans, these trousers can be crafted from materials like denim, cotton, corduroy, or twill. But at Laundry b, our balloon pants are made with a skin-soft polyester blend.

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These figure-flattering pieces come with cuffed bottoms, a super-soft fleece lining and deep pockets for all your daily essentials. The cotton-polyester blend of our pants makes them a winter-wear essential, particularly when paired with sweatshirts and comfy trousers. Balloon leg trousers have a "billowing effect" that could easily make them the mascot for every fashion-forward, comfort-loving individual out there.

Stuff them into boots, or let them flow freely; either way, you're going to turn heads. Want to rock that high-fashion, boss-lady look? Pair them with heels and a chic blouse. Or are you aiming for the cool, laid-back vibe? Sneakers and a T-shirt will be your best friends. Balloon pants are like a friendly chameleon, adapting to whatever style you're in the mood for. Select a pair from our diverse collection of colours and mix and match to your heart's content. We’ve got everything from cool greys to vivid pinks, the perfect palette for round-the-clock wear. So, if you're looking to add a little 'oomph' to your wardrobe, balloon trousers are your ticket to the fashion high life. Trust us; your legs will thank you!