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If you love layering clothes, you’ll simply adore Laundry b’s range of lagenlook tunics. Our tunics are manufactured with breathable cotton and linen fabrics for the ultimate everyday garment. These suitable-for-all-seasons pieces work excellently on their own or as part of a wider ensemble. Choose your favourite design, whether one of our single-colour lagenlook tunic tops or a more ornate pattern.

Then, you can style your new addition to your heart’s content! Keep it as a statement piece, and wear it with a light summer jacket and strappy sandals. If it’s winter, layer any of your lagenlook tunics with matching pants or leggings, and add a chunky cardigan on top.

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A Unique and Flattering Design

One design feature that makes tunics so unique is their length. Generally, they are longer than regular tops, ??which can help elongate the body and create a slimming effect. Laundry b’s mission is to make every woman feel good, and our tunics are perfect for ladies of all shapes and sizes.

Embrace the Power of Linen Lagenlook Tunics

Planning on wearing your linen lagenlook tunic this summer? You’ll be amazed by the power of this moisture-wicking fabric. During the day, your legs, arms, and torso will feel cool, all thanks to one of the planet’s greatest natural fibres. Lagenlook tunics are even great for wearing modestly. Their elongated length and mix-and-match nature mean you can get full-body coverage without compromising on style. They can be worn with a hijab or headscarf to create a beautiful, fashionable look.

Versatility and Style for All Ages

Plus, they’re a staple renowned for their agelessness. Lagenlook tunics are timeless pieces suitable for all women, whether you’re in your teens, forties or eighties. Our lagenlook tunic tops come in n a range of styles and cuts that flatter all body types. They can be worn by ladies who prefer to conceal their figures or women who want to showcase their curves. Adding a linen lagenlook tunic to your fashion collection opens the door to endless outfit possibilities. For example, you can add a stylish belt to cinch the waist and create a more fitted look. Or, you can wear it loose for a comfortable, relaxed fit.