Lagenlook Lounge Wear

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Laundry b will always put your comfort and looking effortlessly cool at the top of our agenda. 

From our jumpsuits, sweatshirts & oversized tees to our joggers all in the softest, stretchiest cotton jersey, will ensure you look and feel perfect for your living room chills.

Only the best in lagenlook, Made in Italy, loungewear gets past the high standards of our buy and design team and into this relaxed & laid back category.

Laundry b not only guarantees that you are cosy and comfortable but should your 'planned to do nothing' day get rudely interrupted by the doorbell or having to nip out, then you will look utterly fabulous without a scramble to get changed. 

Take laid-back lounging to a cooler Laundry b level and slob out in style girls!

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