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So I can imagine if you've jumped onto this category it's because you have put together a fabulously cool little outfit that you simply cannot wait to wear.

I'm also presuming that you're savvy enough to make sure you are enhancing your swishy, new outfit, not hiding it away!

With not far off 20 years of experience in Lagenlook and Made in Italy fashion, we know that your top layer needs to be the 'Scene Stealer.'

Whether your coat or jacket goals are to effortlessly layer (that Lagenlook way) or to simply keep warm or cool, our buying and design team have done their homework for you.

Duster coat, trench coat, waterfall jacket, blazer, crombie, gilet or waistcoat? The scene-stealer options are endless but comfort and effortless cool is still our main priority. 

Our coats and jackets as well as obviously looking the biz will always be mind-blowing in the comfort stakes and you can now walk out with your happy face and be ready for those compliments!

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