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Gosh where do I start .. not wanting to blow our Laundry b trumpet, but we are rather good at lagenlook dresses.

Our founder, Joanna, is a firm believer that we don't sell dresses just for swishy events. Now that's not to say that you can't wear our dresses for said events, because you absolutely can. She just believes a good dress should work very hard for you in lots of different ways.

Our dress collection is diverse but our buying team never lose focus on what is important. 

Our lagenlook, Made in Italy dress collection is the best in the industry. It has been scrutinised and edited to perfection, so all of the hard searching has been done for you.

Whether it be a simple basic layering dress or a vibrant statement piece, you can always guarantee Laundry b have got it right. Our dresses will be effortlessly cool and quirky, modern and functional with a relaxed silhouette to guarantee your absolute comfort, without compromising on everlasting style.

Now that you know the drill girls, don't be afraid to wear them over a pant to give you that distinctive Laundry b lagenlook vibe.

Shop all dresses, whether it's a kaftan, midi dress, maxi dress or for an event in this category.

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Step up your style game with Laundry b’s range of lagenlook dresses. If you’re not familiar with Lagenlook fashion, we’ll catch you up to speed.

First used in Germany, ‘Lagenlook’ translates to ‘layering look’, which is an excellent way to describe it! Lagenlook involves using pieces already in your fashion collection to create a silhouette unique to you.

It’s no wonder that lagenlook spread across Europe. Many found the ability to express themselves through fabrics, textures, and patterns a powerful feeling: something you can experience too.

Laundry b’s lagenlook dresses come in a fabulous selection of colours: from electric blue to navy, lime to orange; we have no shortage of shades to add to your wardrobe. Plus, our garments are not only fashionable but functional. Once you own a lagenlook dress with pockets, you’ll never go back!

Gone are the days of sizing woes: our linen lagenlook dresses are available in one size only. The Laundry b buying team hold the values of lagenlook to heart, which is why we’ve made our dresses inclusive of all body types.

If you’re wondering, ‘how do I style my dress?’, don’t worry. Our products can be a simple, statement piece for everyday wear. Choose a block-colour balloon dress with statement sunglasses and sandals for that effortless summer-loving look.

When the days grow colder, we only have one word to say: layer! Any of our lagenlook dresses would be the perfect complement to cosy jeans, warm boots and a snug winter coat.

At Laundry b, we know that discovering what works for your body type can be a long process. Start the journey and don’t be afraid to go bold in one of our premium Made in Italy lagenlook dresses.