Stretch Trousers

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Introducing your new secret weapon: Laundry b ladies stretch trousers! More than just a fad, these garments are the new must-have for everyday wear. Our stretch trousers are for women who want 24/7 freedom from ill-fitting pants, whether they’re working, walking or lounging. Laundry b ladies take comfort into their own hands. With these women’s stretch trousers, we offer you constant cosiness on a year-round basis. In spring, the loose-fitting legs of our women's stretch pants will give you plenty of room to romp. Why not step out of your comfort zone with a pair of cocoon pants? They’re the definition of versatile, perfect for pairing with a fitted blouse or throwing on for a chilled weekend at home.

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Their lightweight nature makes the stretch trousers perfect for layering. Simply pop your new balloon trousers on top of some thermal leggings and escape the icy chills of autumn winds. You can even invest in thicker women’s elasticated trousers, like our luscious Laundry b joggers. With a signature cocoon shape, you can wear these pants on their own or as the top layer of a snug ensemble. Our garments take comfort seriously, from top to bottom.

Nothing says loungewear like elasticated trousers, and we supply pieces perfect for every event! They come with convenient pockets, cuffed ankles and super-stretch fabrics. Love your stretch trousers so much that you simply NEED them in different colours? We’ve got you covered. Our ladies stretch pants come in a range of colour palettes, from neutrals to neons, earthy to pastel; we’ve catered to ladies of all fashion sensibilities. Laundry b’s stretch pants are for women who appreciate timeless fashion but are unwilling to compromise comfort. So, if you love all things soft, fill your wardrobe with Laundry b’s deluxe stretch pants for women.