Cotton Trousers

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Laundry b bottoms aren’t just clothing: they’re an investment in superior comfort. If you’re searching for stylish, skin-saving wardrobe staples, our pure cotton trousers are a must-have. Feel their delicate cotton against your skin, looking hot but feeling cool. Cotton is a breathable, natural fabric perfect for tropical holidays. Our wide leg trousers are also hypoallergenic! At Laundry b, we stock cotton trousers for women with sensitive skin: it’s a natural fabric, loved for its great qualities. It’s excellent for those prone to allergies, rashes, and irritations. Pack them in your suitcase and choose a solid colour for endless styling possibilities.

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The perfect pair of trousers for every occasion

Our pure cotton trousers can be worn wherever you’re heading, whether to the office, brunch, or a night on the town. Pair with a crisp white shirt for a professional look or a fun crop top for a day out with friends. Consider wide leg trousers paired with a tucked-in tee and some comfy sneakers. Add a sling bag and sunglasses to rock that laid-back look. For formal settings, opt for Laundry b’s straight-leg pure cotton trousers. Pair with a blouse and high-heels for an ensemble sure to turn heads.

The ultimate statement piece

These minimalistic, attention-grabbing outfits are excellent for events that demand elegance. You can elevate the look further with a statement necklace or earrings! But if you love to feel graceful, don’t worry: our cotton trousers are for women who crave glamour. Achieve this by matching them with a sequined top and strappy heels: add a clutch, and you're ready to go! Laundry b’s bottoms allow fashionistas of all ages, shapes and styles to craft outfits that showcase individuality. They’re timeless, high-quality pieces that will never go out of style. So, put on your styling cap and embrace the versatility of pure cotton trousers. Browse our range of cargo, cocoon and flared pants and find the pair for you.