Meet the Team at Laundry B ...

Laundry B ...  keeping you "Modern, not Mutton". 

Sixteen years of trusted styling, expertly edited, one size Made In Italy fashion Collections, selected just for you.

Founded in 2005 by Joanna and fellow directors Helen & Laura, the Laundry company is now an established, trusted brand. As well as a successful online site, we also have bricks and mortar stores, located throughout Cheshire.  With 100K+ Facebook and Instagram followers,  Laundry B ensures its loyal customers are kept looking effortlessly cool and comfortable, with the added bonus of a "guilt free" price tag.

 Laundry B Online is not just another faceless internet company ... we are real women, with real stores giving real advice.

Please feel free to contact our dedicated Customer Care team, with any styling or product queries you may have. Welcome to the Laundry B family.

Love The Laundrettes

The History of Laundry B...

2005 - Company founded
2006 - Stockton Heath opens and trades as Ibizaar
2007 - Warrington opens and trades as Dolly Daydream
2008 - Stockton Heath sister store opens as Pretty Flamingo
2011- Altrincham opens and trades as Laundry
2011- All the stores rebrand as Laundry
2012- Chester store opens
2012 - Manchester store opens
2013 - Chiswick store opens
2013 - Laundry Online is launched
2015 - Northwich store opens

Laundry B Stores

Laundry B at The Barns
Stretton Road
01925 211 130
MON - SAT 9:30am - 6pm
SUN 12pm - 4pm

15 Stamford New Road
WA14 1BN
MON - SAT 9.30am - 5.30pm
SUN 12pm - 4pm