Plus Size Loungewear

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Achieve uncompromised comfort in our women’s plus size loungewear collection. Set the tone for your weekend and step into the softest, cosiest clothes on the market. At Laundry b, we want our customers to take a break from their officewear and snuggle into something more forgiving. 

Sitting on the couch has never been cosier than in Laundy b’s plus size lounge pants. We use calming cotton and breathable viscose to give you ultimate ease of movement. Pair with a loose-fitting tee, and you’re set for a day of couch-surfing. The weekend is here, and with it, your right to feel relaxed. Pack away any outwear and pull out your new favourite slouch top! Unwind the right way: cloaked in pieces from our new line.

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Everyday Comfort

Running errands doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you’re wearing a cut-out sweatshirt. Slip on your favourite comfy shoes and plus size lounge pants to complete your shopping in peace. If you dedicate the weekend to spring cleaning, why not wash, dust and mop your home comfortably? You can even do light exercise in pieces from our women’s plus size loungewear collection: tackle pilates in the park or yoga in your living room, feeling completely unrestricted throughout the day.

Express Your Authentic Style

We’ve taken great care to make our loungewear combinable: mix, match, and layer our sweatshirts to your heart’s content. After all, loungewear has become more than comfortable clothing; it’s a statement in its own right. We offer fashionistas of all shapes and sizes, designs, patterns, and colours to help express your unique style. Feeling authentically you is important, even in relaxed settings.

Great for Relaxation and Self-Care Days

Our plus size loungewear collection is about expanding your wardrobe with stylish, comfortable garments. We’ve manufactured our garments with features like elastic waistbands, adjustable drawstrings, and stretchy fabrics for your ultimate convenience. But don’t worry: Laundry b loungewear prioritises comfort and relaxation without compromising style. You deserve to look and feel your best, especially on your days off. Take some much-deserved me-time in Laundry b’s loungewear collection and create your best self.