Harem Pants

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Embrace style and comfort with our harem pants for women. Harem trousers, are such a staple that they’ve landed right in the middle of modern fashion. Far from a fleeting trend, they are a testament to timeless style and cultural fusion. At Laundry b, we've reinvented this type of pants, infusing them with contemporary twists while honouring their storied past. Inspired by the loose, flowing silhouette of traditional harem pants, we've crafted a collection that blends the old-world charm with modern sensibilities.

Whether you're off to a quaint café or a bohemian art gallery, our trousers are designed to make you stand out in the best way possible. Looking for a style that says ‘relaxed?’ Pick your favourite oversized slouch top and enjoy a chill day on the sofa.

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For formal events, turn heads by pairing harem trousers with a button-up shirt or fitted blouse, complemented with a structured blazer. If you’re a rock chick, stay true to your fashion roots with a chic leather jacket. Bohemian queens can serve flower power by combining their solid-coloured pants with textured t-shirts. Their simplistic design makes the perfect canvas for outfit creation: centre your whole ensemble around these gorgeous garments for endless possibilities.

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear but how you wear it. That's why our ladies harem trousers are designed for the woman who's not afraid to step outside her comfort zone. If you’re clinging onto your old denim jeans for dear life, why not try something new? Their one-size nature means they’ll fit women of all shapes and sizes like a fleece-lined glove. No more sizing woes, tight waists and baggy bottoms: with our harem trousers, all you’ll have to worry about is where to wear them next.

Whether you're channelling a boho-chic vibe or aiming for understated elegance, our trousers are the perfect accompaniment. So, dare to be different with Laundry b's harem pants for women. Embrace the blend of history and modernity, comfort and style, tradition and innovation.