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Renowned for its temperature-regulating properties, our collection of light, easy-to-wear linen styles have long been loved by those looking for comfortable yet stylish clothing. Whether it's dresses, tunics, tops, shirts, trousers or skirts, this collection is designed to keep you cool in the warmer months leaving you feeling fresh, chic and ready for anything. You need a versatile, seasonless wardrobe that can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Luckily, people love linen for its breathability. Maximise your airflow with moisture-wicking technology, and look good doing it.

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In the winter linen can help your body retain heat even though it's lightweight and airy. You don’t have to worry about cultivating a whole new wardrobe when the nights grow cold: invest in linen from Laundry b, and you’ll have a collection you can wear all year round.

Shop the finest Italian linen clothing in the UK and get your hands on versatile, mix-and-match pieces that work great individually or as part of a fashionable ensemble. One of the best parts of linen is its effortless elegance.

Are you heading straight from the office to a family meal? You need a chic, comfortable outfit that will carry you between the two occasions. Whether you’re going on holiday, arranging a brunch date or visiting a bar, Laundry b makes linen clothing for women who crave timeless, classic fashion.

You might be asking, ‘how long will my pieces last?’ Linen is one of the most robust natural fabrics out there, with the ability to last up to thirty years when properly cared for and washed. The sturdy appeal of linen clothing makes it possible to pass down your garments to future generations!

Linen gets its unmatched strength from flax fibres, allowing your garments to last a lifetime. Plus, your linen blouse, trousers or skirt will only get softer with every wash. At Laundry b, we’ve crafted linen clothing for women who will treasure their pieces for life.

But in today’s climate, many are realising the fashion industry’s harmful impact on our planet. Consumers are wondering, more than ever, how to shop with sustainability in mind. Luckily, Laundry b’s Italian linen clothing is the finest in the UK. Not only when it comes to beautiful designs, but the green nature of linen itself. Purchasing garments from our linen range can help you step towards sustainable shopping and away from fast fashion.

Linen originates from the flax plant, which can be grown and produced with little effort. Its cost-effective price point makes it even more economical than cotton! That’s why linen clothing is ideal for shoppers looking to become more eco-friendly. Create a versatile, sustainable, and durable wardrobe with the Laundry b linen clothing collection and take your fashion to the next level.