Lagenlook Dungarees

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Calling lovers of flowy fabrics! Our selection of lagenlook dungarees will be the perfect addition to your new summer wardrobe. Made from super-soft linen or cotton, Laundry b is proud to offer our fashion-savvy customers the finest materials Italy has to offer.

So, what’s the deal with dungarees? What makes them such a summer staple? Well, they’re super comfortable (if we may say so ourselves!) Particularly our lagenlook linen dungarees, designed to get softer with every wash. Their moisture-wicking properties will keep your skin fresh and dry during outdoor adventures. They’re highly breathable, meaning the air can circulate past your legs and torso to cool you down.

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Long-lasting Quality

You can rest assured that all Laundry b products are a long-term investment. Our lagenlook linen dungarees are made with one of the Earth’s strongest natural fibres. Linen is highly resistant to tearing, abrasion, and sunlight damage: the more you know! Our perfectly retro dungarees will give your wardrobe that extra boost of versatility. Dress them up or down for special occasions and casual outings. Pump up the party vibes by pairing your new dungarees with a complementary blouse and high-heeled shoes.

Versatile Styling

Or, for beach days and shopping trips, opt for cosy trainers with a quirky graphic tee. Lagenlook dungarees meld well with every style, whether you’re a rock chick or a self-confessed girly girl. They’re also great for wearing for extended periods. If you’re headed on an all-day holiday excursion, simply pop on a pair of Laundry b dungarees. As the hours go by, you’ll feel more and more grateful for your newest linen addition.

Timeless Appeal

It’s no secret that dungarees have a timeless fashion appeal. For centuries, men and women have worn them for fashion and work, sporting styles and colours of all varieties. Incorporating a pair into your wardrobe can increase your outfit roster. Finally, wear T-shirts you could never quite style and shoes that still have the tags on. Our lagenlook linen dungarees are the essence of adaptability and will help you breathe new life into your fashion collection. Become part of the mix-and-match lifestyle by investing in Laundy b. Our lagenlook dungarees are made for customers who are just as obsessed with Lagenlook as we are.