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At some point in fashion history sombody, somewhere made up some fashion rules that are now so so laughingly wrong. White cannot be worn in winter? (Errm, hello Ecru and Winter White) Dont mix brown with black? (Errrm yes they scream class). What we do know here at Laundry b is that figuring out what to wear with brown is essentially limitless. 

I've finally got my own way and slowly over the last season or so I've gently encouraged those Italian gods of dye to run free with the shade. You have probably noticed by now at Laundry b. Here are just a few of your options darkest to lightest.

Umber, Bitter Chocolate, Cocoa, Truffle, Chestnut, Tan, Saddle, Mushroom, Mocha, Latte...the list probably will go on...

Oh brown (lets keep it simple) no matter what shade how glad we are to see you permenantly back in our wardrobes. Brown is considered a neutral, meaning not only does is pair well with other earthy tones, it works extremely well to complement and balance statement colours. The power of brown knows no bounds!


Black: Screams cool class, expensive and mysterious drama. 

Yellows: Yes they are spotlight stealers but brown will keep this wildcard down to earth for the winter months. 

Magenta/ Purple/ Burgandy: A deep Magenta with brown is regal and elegant. A soft mauve shows browns softer side. 

Greens: Mother nature herself has always given us this one. Olive is the one on my perfect pairing list. 

Whites/Creams: Try colour blocking. It's so simple and cosy with a little nod to Hygge. 

Reds/Orange: If you're a red lover and the red/black combo is too much then pairing red with brown maybe a little more palatable. After all how fabulous does a brunette look with a red lip?

All of these combinations are yours to experiment with this season. So lets throw that dusty old rule book of styling brown out of the window... anything goes...have fun ladies! 

x Jo 

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