Lagenlook Cocoon Dresses

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Are you ready to add another timeless piece to your collection? Once you’ve donned our cocoon dresses, we’ll have you crawling back for more. 

Wake up and drape yourself in the softest of cotton jersey fabrics. We swear it won’t feel like you’ve left your bed. Everyone needs one in their wardrobe for those humid summer days or mild Autumn mornings. 

Worried you won’t get to wear it in winter? Nonsense! Get the lagenlook with more of our Made in Italy clothing. Style it with a crisp cotton top underneath and a pair of cocoon pants to match. 

Laundry B thinks there should be no limits to your creativity. We sell dresses for limitless women determined to push the boundaries of fashion. 

Our cocoon dresses are a seasonal-must have for curvy ladies, mothers-to-be and anyone wanting to transform into an effortless-looking fashion statement. Take your style to the next, more comfortable, chicer level with one of Laundry B’s premium cocoon dresses.

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It’s time to marry fashion with comfort in one of our beautiful cocoon dresses.

Here at Laundry B, we know it’s hard to find a dress perfect for casual and formal events: does such a garment even exist? Of course it does!

Our cocoon dresses are perfect for throwing on, whether you’re taking a daytime trip to the supermarket or attending a friend’s birthday party. We guarantee their contemporary designs will make you look good and feel great wherever you go.

Cocoon-style dresses play a vital part in Lagenlook fashion, a trend Laundry B have perfected over the years. By pairing and layering pieces from your clothing collection, you can create a unique outfit that expresses your style.

The flowing, airy nature of cocoon dresses makes them perfect for any Lagenlook lover. Suitable for all body types and ages, you can get a flattering fit that we know you’ll wear more than once.

If you adore the timeless stylings of Lagenlook, you’re bound to appreciate our Made in Italy range. Next time you wear a Laundry B linen cocoon dress, you’ll be wearing fabrics from some of the best Italian suppliers.

Once our premium materials touch your skin, there’s no going back. Get used to the level of luxury you deserve, and invest in effortless fashion. While it’s clear that our cocoon dresses ooze elegance, their simplistic shape and design are responsible for their market success.

Sometimes, you need a stand-out outfit that doesn’t feel constraining. Forget skin-suffocating fabrics that leave your body poked and prodded: choose our cocoon dresses and get back to enjoying life.

They also work great for lounging around the house. On lazy summer days, you need light, breathable materials to keep your temperature cool. Flounce around the house in your new linen cocoon dress and inspire others to join the trend.

You might be wondering, ‘what about winter?’ Don’t worry: cocoon dresses are seasonless pieces that you can incorporate into any outfit. Throw on a pair of warm leggings or trousers paired with a thermal shirt, and place your dress right on top.