Lagenlook Parachute Dresses

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Oversized chic has always been our forte. Now, it can be yours too. Spare no expense when it comes to comfort by choosing Laundry B for all your parachute dress needs. 

Are you heading to the shop for a pint of milk? Throw on one of our extra-flattering, lagenlook dresses and get that ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look. 

Perhaps you’re doing the school run and want something that looks as instinctively cool as you do. Choose between asymmetrical or gathered detail parachute dresses, whatever tickles your fancy. 

But don’t worry, our parachute dresses won’t distract from your good looks. They are an elegant way to reflect your individual style without overwhelming your (if we may say so) beautiful figure. 

If you’re expanding your wardrobe, don’t forget about Laundry B’s collection of parachute dresses. They’re the epitome of effortless elegance, designed with ultimate comfort in mind.

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